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Here are my scribbles from Conference today. I didn’t take notes on every talk, just ones that had meaning for me. As I wrote them here I added a few of my own thoughts as well.

Morning Session:

Boyd K. Packer spoke about how his testimony is the same abiding testimony now as it was years ago, before he became a General Authority. Nothing has really changed except for the fact that it is easier to hear answers from the Lord. When he said that I realized how true it is. What I testify of is the reality of my Savior and Redeemer, and that he died that I might live, the belief that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in its fullness to the earth. Ten, twenty, thirty years from now I will testify of those same principles. It’s my faith in those principles that deepens. Over the last few months I have received many answers to prayers. Most of those answers come through the scriptures, but some have come through other people or even through circumstances and events that have transpired in my life. I find that the more I study and immerse myself in the Word, the more receptive I am to the whisperings of the Spirit.

Mary N. Cook spoke on patterns of righteousness. It is hard sometimes to break out of old habits and patterns, but we need to break the incorrect traditions and install new ones. What patterns do I need to change that will help my children to grow in truth and righteousness?

I loved Spencer J. Condie’s talk about Rachel. “And God remembered Rachel.” Sometimes I get so impatient that things aren’t happening how I want them to. We were supposed to be in our new house on our property last year, but we won’t even be building for another year. For awhile I couldn’t understand what was taking so long, but as I look back over the last couple of years I can see the Lord’s hand in our lives. My children needed to be in this ward, and I needed to learn some lessons before we moved. As God remembered Rachel, so will he remember us.

I love to listen to Dieter F. Uchtdorf speak. I just like his accent! He also gives a great message. Enduring to the end is not passively hanging in there, it’s an active participation in our covenants; a process filling every minute of our day. Our membership in this church is a reason to rejoice. The Lord knows our circumstances and challenges. The message of the gospel lifts us above the despair and darkness of our lives.

Thomas S. Monson always has such great poems and stories. I was too engrossed in his story to write anything except, "The Lord hears our prayers and our cries for help". Very nicely illustrated by his story today.

Afternoon Session:

M. Russell Ballard’s talk is a must read over to get it all, but the basics were how to explain to people, not of our faith, what we believe in a simple format: Facts, Faith, Families, Fruits of the Restored Gospel. After I reread his talk, I’m making a little card to carry around.

Joseph B. Wirthlin. What can I say? I love this man. Here’s what I wrote: “Love is found in the simple acts of kindness we do for one another……………watching him struggle to stand and speak, but not give up is a profoundly moving experience.” I don’t even really remember much of what he talked about after he started to shake. And I can’t really even express what I felt except that as I witnessed his great love for the Lord as he struggled through his talk, doing what his Savior asked of him through great personal trial, my heart filled up and spilled down my cheeks. He could have asked for a chair, he could have stopped and said he couldn’t go on and no one would have thought any less of him. But he struggled valiantly on, testifying of his Savior and Redeemer. His example alone made me desire to press on through whatever I am called to do.

Bruce D. Porter asked “What is a broken heart? And why is it considered a sacrifice?” I listened, but didn’t write anything down, except this quote, “When we yield our hearts to the Lord, the attractions of the world lose their luster.” That quote could fit very well into my last post.

Eric W. Kopischke made me want to go and read “Preach My Gospel”. I liked his idea of using it for FHE and having the teenagers teach from it as a missionary would.

Michael J. Teh: Am I My Brother’s Keeper? He said that to some degree we all depend on each other to make it back to our Heavenly Home. I was inspired to: Give More, Serve More, Spend Less.

I put a star by Keith K. Hilbigs because I wanted to definitely reread his talk right away. “Quench Not the Spirit”. Whatever level of spirituality we are at there is always a higher level we can obtain. Time is an asset we must use to increase our level. The more I read and study Isaiah, the more I learn, but the more I see that I don’t know! We draw nearer to the Savior as we keep his commandments with exactness. My thoughts are: there are some commandments that are easy to keep with exactness. Tithing is one. Others require more effort and a continual need to focus on our Savior so that we don’t veer off the path…another thought that fits into my last post!

I loved Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk on the Godhead. He very logically expounded the facts and fiction of the Nicene Creed versus biblical based doctrine.

And last, Russell M. Nelson…alas, all I have written down is “Scriptural Witnesses”. Guess I’ll need to reread his as well. What can I say, it was the last talk…

Have a nice Sabbath!

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