Great Are the Words of Isaiah  

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So we have heard anyway, but who can ever stay focused enough to get through his words, let alone understand them?! In August of 2007 I undertook the task of reading through Isaiah. My goal was not a complete and thorough study, but to simply to read his words, ponder the imagery, and write down my thoughts.

At the time I started the task (for it was a task, indeed) I was going through some intense personal struggles. I wasn't sure of where my place in life was. I felt sad...a lot. I cried every day, several times a day. It sounds like I was depressed, but I wasn't. I was just at a point in my life where I needed direction and wasn't sure where to find it. I hadn't been reading my scriptures with any regularity and I knew that I needed to study them in order to move past these struggles. I distinctly remember being on my knees and asking the Lord what to do. His answer was, "Read Isaiah." So I did. It took me 8 months. I finished my study in March of 2008.

It has been a rewarding experience. I am amazed at what the Lord has shown me through the words of Isaiah. I learned who I was, but more importantly, I learned that the Lord knew who I was. I received personal revelation that gave me the direction that I so desperately needed. It would not be out of line to say that Isaiah saved me.

After a few months of reading and writing I felt compelled to share what I had learned. I went back through my writings and found some of the more precious gems and endeavored to turn them into something worth reading. I'm not really a writer. You will find many grammatical errors here, but as I have tried to pen my raw scribbles into something cohesive, I have found that the words have just come to my mind and I know that someone higher than me has been at work here.

Since my study has taken another course and my life has gotten a little hectic, I have slowed down in the Isaiah posts, but I have many more gems to share so I will continue writing and will add links as I post. (When I did post it wasn't in any particular order, so I am putting the links here by chapter so they are easier to find.) If you, dear reader, ever decide to study the words of Isaiah, I can promise you, you won't regret it. And I hope if you do read Isaiah, that you will share your thoughts and insights with me.

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